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For the past month and a half, I’ve had the grueling task of teaching poetry to my middle school students. “Why is this task grueling?” you may ask, and if so, I may reply, “Are you an idiot?” or “Please … Continue reading

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Best Paragraph of the Day

From Sunny, grade 4, Senior 3.2 student: Sing is a children’s song. 6 grade song a singers song. 1,2,3,4, grade song a children’s song. They are song is very good. And 6 grade song is very good and exciting. I … Continue reading

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America’s Dairyland, A Korean Child’s Wild Frontier.

I have a favorite class. I call them the “Boy Class.” It’s made of 7 students, all boys, all 4th grade, all so hyperactive they could easily star in their own cereal commercials, and all brilliant and hilarious. I sincerely … Continue reading

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Reasons to Love Korea

#39: Because in America, the following would result in termination and a lawsuit: Student: [Making incessant noise during a quiz] Me: William, if you make one more sound, I will strangle you to death. Student: What?? Me: I will put … Continue reading

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England used to own us like Japan owned you… kinda.

School House Rock is a godsend. On a good day, I’m the ridiculous clown of ESL education– telling jokes and practically doing back flips to make the kids like me. On other, i.e. most, days, I drone away at the … Continue reading

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