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When Your Heart Is In-between

Let’s get real. I haven’t been writing. I came home from Korea and started a fancy new job and a new relationship and because I needed all of it so badly, I couldn’t bear the honesty of writing for a … Continue reading

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For the past month and a half, I’ve had the grueling task of teaching poetry to my middle school students. “Why is this task grueling?” you may ask, and if so, I may reply, “Are you an idiot?” or “Please … Continue reading

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Best Paragraph of the Day

From Sunny, grade 4, Senior 3.2 student: Sing is a children’s song. 6 grade song a singers song. 1,2,3,4, grade song a children’s song. They are song is very good. And 6 grade song is very good and exciting. I … Continue reading

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The Martian Kor-onicles.

Living in Korea is like living in a Ray Bradbury story. The technology is weird, the people are either extremely strange and different from me, or undergoing the same changes I see in my life except they don’t seem to … Continue reading

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America’s Dairyland, A Korean Child’s Wild Frontier.

I have a favorite class. I call them the “Boy Class.” It’s made of 7 students, all boys, all 4th grade, all so hyperactive they could easily star in their own cereal commercials, and all brilliant and hilarious. I sincerely … Continue reading

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Adrift With Korean Kids

It should come as no surprise that my favorite part of my job, aside from hanging out with small children all day long and therefore finally being surrounded by people who laugh at all of my jokes, is doing writing … Continue reading

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100% Accurate.

This is basically exactly what it’s like living here.

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