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Grinches & Haters

Last week, I heard a few of my coworkers laughing and talking outside my office. Like a dog who heard the word “treat”, my anxious little extrovert ears perked up and I quickly inserted myself into whatever fun was happening … Continue reading

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Here, Let Me Peptalk You.

Feeling lonely? Feeling blue? Feeling like you’re ready to lock your soul into a bottle of whiskey and close the curtains on your own swollen face so that if the light of love indeed never reaches you again, it will … Continue reading

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Nobody Here But Us Chickens.

For Paul and Renee. Happy birthday, twins. I am seeking. Because, you know, it’s fair to make me seek while the eighteen-year-old twins, Paul and Renee, and the four-year-old Jacob hide. Where is Josh? Reading a book, probably. Taking apart … Continue reading

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When Your Heart Is In-between

Let’s get real. I haven’t been writing. I came home from Korea and started a fancy new job and a new relationship and because I needed all of it so badly, I couldn’t bear the honesty of writing for a … Continue reading

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My life is pretty satisfying

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Joy, Baby

One of my new life missions is to collect oral histories of my family. I was able to do a small amount of that this past weekend, while visiting Oklahoma for my Nanny’s 80th birthday. I could listen to my … Continue reading

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Miss Tennessee

When I left my parents’ driveway at 4:00am just over 14 months ago, I drove through the morning to Atlanta, where I boarded a plane for Korea with a Tennessee-shaped hole in my heart. Throughout the year, as I immersed … Continue reading

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