Look at Freddie, gettin' shit done!

It’s that time of year again. Winter is awful and not over yet. Last year around this time, I wrote a post offering my kind advice for how to get through the rut one may feel this time of year. Alas, I moved to South Korea, where the winter is harsher, but with less snow, and zero pudding cups.

In addition, I started thinking about why this part of winter is so bleak. I think that many of us may feel some cabin fever, or at least some stagnancy. I for one have been refusing to wash my dishes for an embarrassingly long time and have a stack of essays to grade so large that I think, honestly, if I tore out every page of every essay book and stapled them to the outside of my building, they would actually reach my 24th floor room. How’s that for stagnant? And sometimes, work like that is unappealing. Especially if you’re me. But the longer you go without doing work, it seems, the worse you feel about avoiding it and the more daunting it becomes.

So, I decided to compile a short, helpful list of things to do that will trick your brain into feeling like you’ve done something. Ladies and gentlemen, this list is pudding cup free. Enjoy!

  • Listen to a band’s entire discography. You’ll feel strangely accomplished. I myself recently decided to undertake Queen’s significant 14 studio album catalog, and I’m in awe of how many Queen songs I’d never heard before. Practically the whole album of Hot Space is brand new to me, and I feel like a douche. It’s amazing, though quite different from the rest of their work. As someone who grew up listening to my dad listen to News of the World, I can see why he never got into Hot Space and exposed me to it as early as the rest of Queen’s work. Also, if you pick an artist with a large enough collection, say Queen (14 studio) or The Beatles (12 studio) or the Stones (a dizzying 29 studio albums), you’ll feel a bit like you just read a novel. It’s a big, rich story that unfolds and you hear all the greatness, all the sour notes, all the sad songs, the disasters, the resurrections, and at the end you feel something large and inexpressible. I don’t know about you, but I don’t let music do that to me often enough.
  • Start sketching Halloween costume ideas. As inspired by my recent Queen revival, I really honestly think I’m going to go for Freddie Mercury in some form, most probably his British soap opera drag look from the 1984 “I Want to Break Free” video, seen below. Really, its an excuse to wear a mustache. And fishnets. But regardless, I feel one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to my costume planning. And even if not exactly spring or summer minded, at least fall is warmer than this witch’s titty bullshit.
  • Large scale Facebook Unfriending: Do. It. It’s an awesome feeling. I’m one of those horrible compulsive acceptors. I’m friends with way too many people, and they aren’t people that I go looking for. People that I didn’t talk in high school, people who didn’t talk to me, add me on facebook all the time and I can’t just not accept. There’s something wrong with me. I just imagine going home and walking through the grocery store and seeing one of them and being that bitch that didn’t accept their friend request and moved to Korea and thinks she’s better than everyone. I don’t think I’m better than you. I just don’t want to allow you to browse through pictures of me and know more about me than you ever did 10 years ago, when we spent everyday in the same building without speaking. So last week a bunch of Tazewell strangers, a dude or 2 that I wanted to stop being reminded of, and some people I was virtual friends with despite hating them were all successfully unfriended. About 100 total. But I still have 618 friends, so there’s still something wrong with me.
  • Write a To-Do List for all the shit you actually have to do. Cause, I mean, that’s gotta be step one anyway, right? Clearly this is the one thing on this list I have not actually done yet.
  • Post a new blog entry. It’s so simple: It feels like you did something really cool. You get to be creative. You reach out to your friends. You feel satisfied when it’s done. And the whole while, you actually accomplished absolutely nothing. Genius. This whole time, I could have been beginning to pack for home. I could have written a budget for next month. I could have been packing for my trip to Taiwan in 2 days. I could have been planning the lesson I have to teach at 7am TOMORROW. I could have been doing my damn dishes. But no, I blogged. Oh, and blogging boosts your ego when you check how many views you have. So, hopefully, maybe when you’re done, you can feel good enough about your sorry self to finally grade some essays, you lazy, dirty whore.

Good luck friends!


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